Self-Care is Not a Luxury, It’s an Affordable Necessity

If you see the words “self-care” and conjure up visions of plush bathrobes and exotic spiced teas, then you are like many Americans who believe self-care is a luxury. It’s not. In reality, self-care is a series of necessary actions that help you stay at your very best. Things like exercising, getting quality sleep, and treating yourself to a few quiet moments are all self-care strategies that you can fit into your everyday life.

Exercise on a dime

When your budget doesn’t allow for an expensive gym membership, you’ll need to get creative when it comes to exercise outside of running and jogging. And the good news is that it’s very easy to fit in your physical activity even when you don’t have access to dozens of different pieces of equipment. The most obvious way to fit fitness into your life is to create a home gym. You can put this together piece by piece over time until you have exactly what you want, need, and enjoy. Stores like BestBuy make it possible to outfit your personal fitness paradise with items like exercise bikes, fitness trackers, and smart home hubs that will play your music on demand. Keep an eye on your local paper for sales and special offers, and don’t forget to check around for a BestBuy promo code or coupon that will help you stretch your dollars even further.

Switch your spa

People pay hundreds of dollars for services like massages and body wraps. If you don’t have wads of cash to spare, create a spa experience at home by investing in inexpensive products that will help you make the most out of your bathroom. Little luxuries like bubble bath and body soaks are super affordable at places like Ulta Beauty, which always has sales going on in addition to discounted prices. An hour soaking in an Epsom salt or mineral soak followed by self-exfoliation will make you feel like a new person at a fraction of the cost of your local day spa.

Better your bedroom

Sleep is absolutely essential to your overall self-care routine. Unfortunately, long work hours and family and social obligations often make it difficult to get the required seven to nine hours we need each night as adults. You may have to restructure your day, but you will find that when you get enough sleep, you are more effective and feel better from morning until night. And the best part is that sleep is free, although you may need to invest in a few small tools, such as comfortable bedding, a noisemaker, or earplugs, to help you get your best rest. Vancouver Wellness Studio also recommends creating a predictable bedtime schedule and leaving your worries at the door as you enter your sleeping quarters for the evening.

Be alone

An often neglected facet of self-care is spending time alone. But there are many reasons to temporarily pull away from your social circle. The Active Times Editor Holly Van Hare explains that being alone can boost your intelligence and increase your energy levels. Further, spending some time solo may help you find new interests, and it promotes mindfulness. You do not have to spend money to spend some QT with yourself, either, and something as simple as meditating for 10 or 15 minutes each morning before you leave the bedroom may be just as effective as a week away.

Caring for yourself does not mean that you have to spend your life savings. With a little creativity – and a few good sales – you can put together an exercise room, home spa, or comfortable sleeping space that will help you live your best life each and every day.


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