What does it mean to be “healthy”? The concept of health can seem rather complex and it can differ amongst every individual. Often, people tend to over complicate the idea of health and being healthy by falling for the most current and popular diet or exercise regimes. Nonetheless, health does not have to be a complex theme. There is no quick fix to get fit and it does not involve outrageous exercises, foods or diet claims. There exists a vital core to living a healthy lifestyle and it can be regarded as a commonality amongst all people in every community around the world.

The vital core I’m referring to has two components: movement and food for fuel. In terms of movement, everyone should be active in a least one for...

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Finally! A health bar that is actually healthy. Better yet, it’s also delicious. It’s awesome to have a simple, shelf-stable, go-to snack that packs a lot of flavor and nutrition. Perfect for a busy morning or afternoon on the go, or a post-workout replenishment snack. Love the Date and Hazelnut bar in the mornings as it pairs perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee. With 12 grams of both protein and fiber, it’s a great way to start the day.