Green tea, an ancient Chinese beverage that finds itself in every corner of the world today. These vibrant tea leaves can be found everywhere; from your Starbucks drink to your ice cream cone to Pure & Primal’s Green Tea Plus capsules, it seems everyone has been exposed to its antioxidant properties. Of course, enjoying green tea as an ice cream flavor won’t provide the same benefits as a purer source but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Green tea has a pleasant and mild flavor, and it is much less processed than its black tea counterparts.

In recent years, green tea has gained immense popularity especially in its matcha form. These days, it seems you can find matcha flavored anything from cookies to cakes to Frappuccinos. But...

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Gingerbread anyone? Sounds yummy doesn't it? Well what makes ginger bread GINGER
bread? The ginger of course!

As one of the most popular dietary condiments today, ginger root, (part of the cardamom and turmeric family) packs a powerful nutritional punch. Fresh, pickled, ground, in capsule form or juiced ginger is most known for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Ginger also pertains to therapeutic compounds including: gingerol, shogaol, paradol and zingerone.

Ginger root's nutritional facts are astounding. Per 100 grams of raw ginger, your body also
reaps the following:

• 1.8 g protein• 2 g fiber• 415 mg potassium (12% DV)• 0.2 mg copper (11% DV)• 0.2 mg manganese (11% DV)• 43 mg magnesium (11% DV)...

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As it has become one of the, -if not the most renowned herb on the planet thanks to its infinite health properties, perhaps you have heard of turmeric root before. If not, you've most likely encountered this spice traditionally used in Asian cuisine in the form of curry powder, cheese and classic yellow mustard. You know the bright yellow sauce you put on your burgers and hot dogs? Yes! That mustard owes its beautiful rich yellow color to turmeric.

Turmeric grows in India and other South East Asian countries and is cultivated for its flavor, color and activated chemical compound called curcumin. Curcumin has so many beneficial properties and the best thing about turmeric is that it has been researched and studied extensively and the findi...

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As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and whether you've got a S/O or not, perhaps you're hoping to maybe get a card, some flowers or chocolates. But you should really be wishing for some vitamin D!

Okay, I'm really only kidding, although D comes after C, vitamin D doesn't seem nearly as appetizing and romantic as chocolates, but it surely shouldn't be over looked.

In North America especially, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in our populations.

Nearly every cell in the body contains a vitamin D receptor, it can be synthesized via sun ray absorption through the skin. Other sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, cod liver oil and egg yolks. However, most individuals cannot intake enough vitamin D through die...

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As winter fast approaches, and the holiday season is in full swing, nothing is warmer and more comforting than sweet cinnamon. Often used in festive gingerbread, cakes, cookies and even sometimes hot chocolate, cinnamon is primarily associated with sweet treats. However, contrary to its sweet facade, cinnamon is quite the opposite. In fact, cinnamon works to stabilize blood sugar levels, so you can imagine it’s actually a good thing to have when you’re eating something sweet. Nonetheless, this is no excuse to go nuts with the treats this holiday season… Moderation is truly key; don’t deprive yourself of indulgences but don’t go overboard either.

Anyway, back to cinnamon!

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices a...

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Have you ever wondered what gives mustard or curry its rich yellow color? The answer is quite simple. One ingredient in particular has the power to add both a pop of color and a nutritional punch to various foods and dishes.

Turmeric originated in Asia and is a spice closely related to ginger; it can be purchased either fresh or dried and ground (Weil, 2016). Turmeric can also be found as a herbal or medicinal supplement in capsule and tablet form (Weil, 2016). It’s most commonly known for its pungent yellow color but most importantly, it does wonders for our bodies. Thanks to its naturally occurring chemical known as curcumin, turmeric has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (Weil, 2016).

Constant inflammation causes y...

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When it comes to energy and protein bars it is often so difficult to find a brand that sits well with both your conscious and taste buds. Most of the time when energy/protein bars taste like candy bars, they are full of artificial additives and sweeteners or ingredients that you can’t even pronounce because you simply don’t know what they are. On the other hand, some energy/protein bars that have simple and few pronounceable ingredients can be pretty displeasing in taste. So where can you find a happy medium? With Pure & Primal bars. When I first sampled their bars, I fell in love. The consistency, flavor and ingredients were all nothing but desirable. Living up to their name, their bar formula truly is “pure”. T...

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What does it mean to be “healthy”? The concept of health can seem rather complex and it can differ amongst every individual. Often, people tend to over complicate the idea of health and being healthy by falling for the most current and popular diet or exercise regimes. Nonetheless, health does not have to be a complex theme. There is no quick fix to get fit and it does not involve outrageous exercises, foods or diet claims. There exists a vital core to living a healthy lifestyle and it can be regarded as a commonality amongst all people in every community around the world.

The vital core I’m referring to has two components: movement and food for fuel. In terms of movement, everyone should be active in a least one form ...

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Finally! A health bar that is actually healthy. Better yet, it’s also delicious. It’s awesome to have a simple, shelf-stable, go-to snack that packs a lot of flavor and nutrition. Perfect for a busy morning or afternoon on the go, or a post-workout replenishment snack. Love the Date and Hazelnut bar in the mornings as it pairs perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee. With 12 grams of both protein and fiber, it’s a great way to start the day.